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Are estate agents needed?

This is the question we asked ourselves in 2001. It’s hard to imagine now, but there were over 100,000 vacant apartments in Berlin at that time. It was often very difficult to find suitable tenants. Ground-floor apartments or ones without a balcony were almost impossible to let. And if the apartment happened to be in the ‘wrong’ district, it would often remain vacant for months on end.

Many estate agents weren’t interested in trying to market unpopular units. The earning opportunities were meagre, the effort involved great, and it happened time and again that tenants were put forward who had no intention of paying the rent – these were the then-infamous ‘nomad tenants’.

It was high time to found Domega Immobilien und Marketing GmbH. We had a very clear goal:

the best possible tenancy outcomes for our customers. Minimising vacancy periods and reducing fluctuation levels by virtue of satisfied tenants.

Times changed and the topic of apartment ownership took on a new level of importance. As we have outstanding knowledge of our customers’ properties, we are the first port of call when it comes to selling.

Our customers appreciate our expertise on the property market, as well as our professionalism.

So, the answer is ‘Yes, estate agents are needed’. We are convinced of this. And we will be happy to convince you, too.


Do you want to sell your property? This requires careful consideration. We are happy to advise you and provide a free and objective valuation. We have decades of experience when it comes to our Berlin market and will provide you with a realistic price.

We will market your house or apartment discreetly and professionally so that your privacy is maintained. We know your property better than any other estate agent. This goes for the respective apartment, the residents, the location at the micro and macro level, and all the particulars that need factoring in when selling so as to avoid any liability issues from the outset.

We look forward to hearing from you.


Once there was a surplus of apartments and they were difficult to let.
Now, the supply of apartments is low and they are difficult to let.

It is unfortunate that the boom and positive developments in our great city have led to bottlenecks on the property market.
Berlin is growing at lightning speed and the city will soon number 4 million residents.

This means that there is a large pool of applicants for each tenancy. Choosing a tenant from among the many applications is a time-consuming task.
We draw up appealing property prospectuses and market every apartment online. Numerous viewings must be coordinated,
application documents assessed and negotiations conducted before the property can be handed over to the new tenant.

Rents have increased, as have tenants’ demands.

We are ideally positioned to find the right tenant for your apartment. Even if it is no easy task, we complete it with passion and dedication.

Services with responsibility. Get in touch with us.


Should I sell my apartment, or not?
Or would I be better off buying an additional property?
Are prices still increasing, or have they already peaked?
What effects do rent freezes (‘Mietenstopp’), rent control (‘Mietpreisbremse’) and the debates on compulsory purchases (‘Enteignungsdebatten’) have?
Should I renovate or modernise my empty apartment?

There are plenty of questions. We have the right answers, because we are property experts and cover the entire spectrum of services in the property sector.

We know the correct price for your property and what condition apartments should be in in order to be optimally marketed. We will be happy to provide you with different planning and pricing options, and can recommend professional companies that will speedily implement your desired measures. 

We can also recommend experienced lawyers, notaries and tax consultants who will support and advise you in your endeavours.

Every sale and tenancy should begin with a thorough consultation. We are here for you. Take us at our word.


Commission for recommendations: If you recommend us to a client who makes use of our professional support, we will reward you with at least 10% of the acquired commission via our profit-sharing scheme once the business has been successfully transacted. No ifs or buts.

Property purchases: Are you looking for a property, either to live in or for your portfolio? Send us your purchase profile. We often have interesting properties that aren’t publicly advertised.

Free valuations: Do you want to know the value of your property? We will be happy to provide you with a valuation, quickly and free of charge. We will also give you useful tips on how to optimise the sale price and quickly find the right buyer. We are passionate about your property.

We offer more: 
Do you urgently need a current energy rating? 
Do you want your property cleaning and preparing for a viewing? 
Does the entrance door to the apartment building still need a quick lick of paint? 
Are you considering home staging? 
Would you like a dedicated homepage for marketing your property? 
Do you wish to optimise the layout and furnishings in your property and need speedy and cost-effective planning?

We have a solution for every problem. Quick and cost-effective. Your wish is our mission.

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